4:18-cv-00087-DB – NELDON PAUL JOHNSON, Plaintiff vs THOMAS R MANCINI, an individual

This lawsuit was originally filed by Neldon Johnson (Pro Se) as case #180700041 in the Fourth District Court, Millard County, Utah.


Amended ANSWER to Complaint (Notice of Removal 2 ) filed by Thomas Mancini.


DOCKET TEXT ORDER REFERRING CASE to Magistrate Judge Dustin B. Pead under 28:636 (b)(1)(A), Magistrate to hear and determine all nondispositive pretrial matters. So ordered by Judge David Nuffer on 11/28/18 (docket text only - no attached document)


ERRATA to 5 Answer to Complaint (Notice of Removal) filed by Defendant Thomas Mancini .


Defendant Thomas Mancini's ANSWER to Complaint (Notice of Removal 2 ) filed by Thomas Mancini.


NOTICE OF ADR, e-mailed or mailed to Plaintiff Neldon Paul Johnson, Defendant Thomas Mancini.


EXHIBITS filed by Thomas Mancini re 2 Notice of Removal


NOTICE OF REMOVAL from Fourth District Court for Millard County, State of Utah, case number 180700041, (Filing fee $ 400, receipt number 1088-3149564) filed by Thomas Mancini. Assigned to Judge David Nuffer


Civil Cover Sheet


Exhibit A to Notice of Removal


Exhibit A to Notice of Removal


Case has been indexed and assigned to Judge David Nuffer. Defendant Thomas Mancini is directed to E-File the Notice of Removal and cover sheet (found under Complaints and Other Initiating Documents) and pay the filing fee of $ 400.00 by the end of the business day.

NOTE: The court will not have jurisdiction until the opening document is electronically filed and the filing fee paid in the CM/ECF system.