Brilliant Delta Inventor Succeeds

This was published in the "Millard County Chronicle Progress" on Oct 7, 2015.

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"Brilliant Delta Inventor Succeeds"
Submitted Article
Dr. Greg Shepard

Neldon Johnson is a prolific inventor from Delta with over 75 patents and patents pending; most of which are in the renewable energy field. Last week we discussed Mr. Johnsonís remarkable Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) technology and how that could become the ďHoly GrailĒ of Solar Energy. In addition, he and his staff are celebrating the conclusion of ten years of research and development. This celebration will take place at the Millard County Fairgrounds October 16th and 17th. All Millard County residents are invited. It will be quite the event with free food, booths and staff members to explain Mr. Johnsonís many remarkable technologies, a drawing to give away a Polaris 4-wheeler and a 200-word essay contest for students. Best of all; thereís free admission (See the full page ad). To help us get a count for food, please RSVP at

Perhaps equally as impressive is Mr. Johnsonís patented turbine. His turbine will be featured and explained at the celebration. This essential renewable energy component can be mass produced at Mr. Johnsonís International Automated Systems (IAUS) manufacturing plant in Oasis. This will have a significant impact on Millard County and Delta. Mr. Johnson wants to use this renewable energy fair to explain his technologies and present moneymaking opportunities for Millard County taxpayers.

The Patented Johnson Bladeless Turbine: Coal-fired steam plant turbines are costly, high maintenance, large, difficult to manufacture, extremely temperamental, and dangerous. IAUSís patented, bladeless turbine has none of these issues. While maintaining similar efficiencies as todayís expensive steam turbines, IAUSís turbine is small, low-cost, scalable, and operates minus most of the expensive surrounding components and maintenance issues. Traditional turbine performance relies upon the environment within its blade chambers. Super-heated, high-velocity steam particles are continuously striking the titanium turbine blades to turn the shaft. If steam condenses on the blades, a sharp drop in efficiency and damage to the turbine can result. Traditional multistage turbines require dry, high-quality steam.

IAUSís new turbine is structurally unaffected by low-quality steam. It blows the energy away from its components instead of on them to turn the shaft. Unlike traditional turbines, IAUSís turbine can operate without corrosion or system failure on both high-quality and low-quality steam. It also has bi-phase flow capability.

IAUS Turbine Eliminates Need for Boiler- IAUSís proprietary turbine steam cycle does not need an expensive, sophisticated, high-maintenance boiler. Instead IAUSís turbine operates on high-pressure, super-heated water (supercritical fluid) from a series of high-pressure tubing, which is much safer, less expensive and easier to manage. The expansion or phase change (flashing) from water to steam happens right in the working chamber of IAUSís turbine. This makes the Balance of Plant (BOP) steam production and monitoring equipment less complicated. These are significant advantages over traditional boiler systems required by conventional turbines.

Modular- IAUSís turbine can be custom designed for smaller to medium sized applications. This allows for staging power in and out, and inexpensively segmenting a power plant into smaller sectors which improves issues of downtime while offering low-cost redundancy in on-site equipment. The production lead time is also a fraction of the manufacturing of traditional turbines. A full staff will be available at the IAUS Renewable Energy Fair. Theyíll explain and demonstrate all seven of Johnsonís superior technologies. Neldon and his wife, Glenda, love the area and its people and have high hopes their superior technologies will be a great boon to Delta and Millard County. Websites: & for photos and details.