Delta inventor succeeds

This was published in the "Millard County Chronicle Progress" on Sept 30, 2015.

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Delta inventor succeeds
Submitted Article
Dr. Greg Shepard

Neldon Johnson and his wife, Glenda, live in Delta. Mr. Johnson is a prolific inventor with more than 75 patents and patents pending; most of which are in the renewable energy field. He and his staff are celebrating the conclusion of ten years of research and development. This celebration will take place at the Millard County Fairgrounds October 16 and 17. All Millard County residents are invited. It will be quite the event with free food, booths and staff members to explain Mr. Johnson’s many remarkable technologies, a drawing to give away a Polaris 4-wheeler and a 200-word essay contest for students. Best of all; there is free admission (See the full page ad on page 14)

Mr. Johnson purchased the old 55,000-square-foot Oasis seed building. After extensive renovations, it is now being used as a manufacturing plant employing about twenty community members. Mr. Johnson says, “We are now entering into our mass production and installation phase and we believe this will have a significant impact on Millard County and Delta.” He wants to use his renewable energy fair to explain his technologies and present moneymaking opportunities for Millard County taxpayers.

One of the breakthrough technologies to be featured will be a unique form of CPV (Concentrated Photovoltaics). Below is part of a treatise Mr. Johnson wrote on his patented CPV technology, which he believes will be the “Holy Grail” of solar energy: There have been many companies working in the past 45 years trying to develop solar energy that could compete with coal and bring energy independence to our country. Companies like IBM and Raytheon, along with universities like MIT and Stanford, have spent billions of dollars, but have been unable to revolutionize energy sources in the world and the United States. Nevertheless, Mr. Johnson’s company, International Automated Systems (IAS), with only one basic engineer Mr. Johnson, has indeed accomplished this masterful goal.

IAS has been able to build and to demonstrate its concentrated solar energy using a solar concentrator that is made of a plastic refractive lens. This is referred to as the Holy Grail of solar energy. Why? Because our system is 300 times more efficient than traditional photovoltaic systems. It also means you can use 300 times more plastic and 300 times less photovoltaic material to generate the same amount of electricity that now can only be achieved with massive amounts of traditional solar panels.

What does tbis mean to energy markets, especially the photovoltaic energy market? IAS can now replace silicon photovoltaic chips with plastic at a 300 to 1 ratio. If you pay $6 a watt for silicon photovoltaic today, you would now pay less than 2 cents a watt for IAS’s new photovoltaic technology.

An additional advantage of this new patent-pending photovoltaic system over other systems is that IAS panels do not need expensive inverters for every 25 V panel to increase voltages. The panels themselves can produce voltages of 1,000 V to 10,000 V without an inverter for each panel. Now, a single inverter can control all the energy needed for the home, for an entire business, for many businesses, or for entire cities.

This makes it possible for photovoltaics to compete in any energy market including coal. The entire Johnson treatise, full of great detail, will be available at the IAS Renewable Energy Fair. A full staff will also be available to explain and demonstrate all seven of Mr. Johnson’s breakthrough technologies. Neldon and Glenda love the area and its people. They have high hopes their superior technologies will be a great boon to Delta and Millard County. The websites are are for photos and details.