IAUS' Breakthrough Turbine Engine Poised to Open New Multibillion-Dollar Market

Business Wire , August 23, 2005

SALEM, Utah -- International Automated Systems Inc. (OTCBB: IAUS) is teaming up with a seasoned group of experts to tackle a market virtually uncharted and potentially worth billions of dollars. C&P Engineering and Manufacturing Co. Inc. -- who has enjoyed and continues to enjoy customers such as The Ford Motor Company, Visteon Corp., Valeo Inc., Elevator Equipment Co., CIA, and a collaborative relationship with NASA-SATOP division -- is assisting in the production and promotion of IAUS' revolutionary new turbine mini-power plant for businesses.

Many businesses have extra heat that is entirely wasted. IAUS' breakthrough turbine can produce electricity from waste heat -- virtually producing power for free. Many businesses throughout the world could potentially take advantage of this unique technology.

"We have initiated the first phase and are extremely excited about IAUS' breakthrough turbine engine," said Bill Selkirk, who is VP of sales and R&D of C&P Engineering and Manufacturing Co. Inc. "The technology is ingenious and has revolutionary implications. With this new product, Indiana will likely become a leader and template for others to follow in becoming an environmental advocate while advancing, not jeopardizing the well-being of businesses."

"C&P Engineering and Manufacturing Co. Inc. is a long-standing company of over 30 years," said Neldon Johnson, CEO and president of International Automated Systems Inc. "Their experience and expertise are very attractive."

IAUS' new turbine engine can also be fueled by biomass, natural gas, wood, coal, propane, solar heat, etc. IAUS' mini-power plant requires virtually no maintenance and unlike a diesel combustion engine generator, it does not wear out after only 2-3 years of 24/7 usage. Other combustion engine generators (e.g. gasoline) can last as little as only a few months when operating 24/7.

About Bill Selkirk, VP of sales and R&D, C&P Engineering and Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Bill Selkirk has a Ph.D. in energy engineering and a B.S. in mechanical engineering specializing in thermodynamics from Indiana University-Purdue. He also went on to receive his M.B.A. in business law with a minor in marketing, and combined this with an extra year to receive his Law Chancellor in corporate and insurance law. He created a new product line for ServiceMaster, and went from the legal and risk management department to create a new division to sell energy services for large corporations. He was appointed by Secretary of Labor Elizabeth Dole, to the OHSA and Safety Board in Washington, D.C. There, Selkirk became active in politics and became a registered lobbyist. He went on to get his CSP and CHMM certifications in safety and hazardous materials management.

About C&P Engineering and Manufacturing Co. Inc

The company was founded in 1972. It began its humble beginnings in a garage. Founded by Tim Patterson, C&P began to grow as a weld and fabrication shop. It has enjoyed and continues to enjoy customers such as The Ford Motor Company, Visteon Corp., Valeo Inc., Elevator Equipment Co., CIA and a collaborative relationship with NASA-SATOP division. C&P makes many products for many different companies. C&P produces products such as steel bunkhouses, trailers, factory carts, Stirling Engines, bus chassis, as well as many other automotive and military parts. In addition, C&P also produces and engineers custom heat exchangers and other thermodynamic products. The company is based in Connersville, Ind.

About International Automated Systems Inc. (www.iaus.com)

Founded in 1988, International Automated Systems Inc. develops high-technology products for diverse markets such as energy production, wireless communications, consumer purchasing and financial transactions. The company, founded by a former AT&T communications engineer, is based in Salem, Utah.

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