Date: March 25, 2002

SALEM, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 25, 2002

Accepting Orders for New Home Mini Power Plant, Powered by Breakthrough Turbine Technology

SALEM, UTAH- International Automated Systems, Inc. ["IAS"] (IAUS.OB) announced today that it is accepting orders for its new home power generation system. IAS's breakthrough propulsion turbine technology enables almost anyone to inexpensively own a mini power plant. IAS's home unit can produce electricity from sun, wood, biomass, coal, propane, and natural gas. Also, unlike other systems, it can be fitted to heat or cool a home, green house, swimming pool, etc., while producing electricity.

IAS's home power unit can satisfy a home's daily energy needs and sells for only $2-$3 per watt without solar, and $4-$5 per watt with solar. Traditional photovoltaic solar systems sell for approximately $10 per watt and generate no excess heat to heat a home, green house, water, etc.

An attachment to IAS's new sun-powered unit can be purchased to produce hydrogen fuel for automobiles. Many automobile companies manufacture vehicles powered by hydrogen. Even today's existing automobiles can be converted to burn hydrogen. Hydrogen is an environmentally friendly fuel that produces virtually zero emissions.

IAS believes that its new propulsion turbine is a revolutionary technology that could significantly impact society.

"This is a very exciting and ground-breaking technology. Without the need for electric power lines or gas lines, or the dependence upon gasoline stations, a person could build a home or get-away cabin virtually anywhere," said Neldon Johnson, President and CEO of International Automated Systems, Inc. "Once the equipment is paid for, the energy is free. Millions of people throughout the world have the opportunity to own their own energy at a reasonable price."