October 25, 2000

Dear Shareholder,

As IAS prepares to move from development-stage to revenue generation, we would like to thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support, without which we could not have come this far. We appreciate your willingness to share in our vision, and we look forward to helping you realize the rewards of your patience and your confidence in management's ability to build shareholder value.

I believe some very exciting days are ahead of us. Over the last several months, we have been working diligently on several important projects toward the commercialization of our DWM (digital wave modulation), U-Check and AFIM (automatic fingerprint identification machine) technologies.

As we pursue negotiations with companies of substantial size and influence in various industries, we remain confident in our ability to capitalize on significant opportunity in an under-served marketplace.

Consistent with the progress we are making, the company is in the process of formulating a communication strategy with a specialized financial public relations firm. This firm will assist IAS in communicating with its various publics, including current and potential shareholders and the financial community at large. The program is specifically designed to help us keep shareholders informed while developing new interest in the company through integrated communications, including news releases, as well as periodic reports and updates, and to establish a liaison for responding to investment community and media inquiries.

Management continues to intensify its focus on the execution of a business plan aimed at making IAS an important and profitable market presence. We are enthusiastic, therefore, about achieving greater visibility for IAS, especially among those with a known interest in companies that represent growth opportunities. We know that you share our enthusiasm, and we look forward to reporting our progress to you in the coming months.


Neldon Johnson, President
Chief Executive Officer