International Automated Systems announces patent pending on new communication system; System first of its kind in the industry

AMERICAN FORK, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 19, 1995-- International Automated Systems Inc. (OTC:IAUS) is patent pending on a new communication system.

It is called Digital Wave Modulation (DWM) and will affect approximately every type of communication around the world. DWM can operate completely wireless without any signal degradation or interface.

Computer Networking: Current network systems transmit approximately 200,000 bytes of information per second. And, only two computers can communicate with each other at one time. DWM transmits more than 1.8 billion bytes of information per second. And, over 1,000 computers can communicate with each other simultaneously.

Telephone: DWM transmits 1,000 times more efficient than current cellular phones. Therefore, DWM cellular phones can be sold at a flat rate -- possibly between $20 and $100 a month. Customers would not have to pay for any air-time. In addition, they would pay very little for long-distance calling.

Also, in order to switch more than 150,000 conventional telephones, present systems require an area equal to a building six or seven stories high and a quarter of a city block square. An equal number of DWM phones can be switched automatically on a simple 586 PC computer.

Television: For each television channel currently broadcasted, DWM can broadcast over 900.

Radio: DWM sends a signal so precise that it can transmit each specific sound or instrument to an individual speaker.

Versatility: DWM is capable of transmitting television, radio, two-way video conferencing, and computer communication by way of a single DWM cellular phone. Also, each of these transmissions can be sent to and from a DWM phone at a higher digital quality than currently possible (eg. stereo, surround sound, etc.).

Simple Implementation: DWM is simple to implement. It can be set up with minor modifications to current transmitter stations and receivers.

Potential Market: According to Forbes ASAP, April 10 -- this market is potentially worth $2 trillion.

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