WAYNE KLEIN, as Receiver



---- NOTICE ----

As of July 8, 2019, all equity in IAS shares is CANCELLED.

IAUS shares have no value.

THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF UTAH in U.S. v. RaPower-3, LLC., et al., Case No., 2:15-cv-828, has determined that tax information provided by Neldon Johnson, RaPower-3, LLC, International Automated Systems (IAUS), XSun Energy, LLC, SOLCO I LLC, Greg Shepard, and others associated with them regarding solar energy lenses is false.

Case. 2:15-cv-00828


MOTION to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction and Memorandum in Support filed by Counter Defendant R. Wayne Klein, Plaintiff R. Wayne Klein.


AMENDED COMPLAINT against Matthew Shepard. filed by R. Wayne Klein.


ORDER REFERRING CASE to Magistrate Judge Cecilia M. Romero under 28:636 (b)(1)(A), Magistrate to hear and determine all nondispositive pretrial matters. No attached document. Signed by Judge Howard C. Nielson, Jr. on 9/9/2019.


All Consent/Reassignment Forms have now been received. After review of all forms, Case Reassigned to District Judge per request of one or more party(s). Case randomly assigned to Judge Howard C. Nielson, Jr. Magistrate Judge Dustin B. Pead no longer assigned to the case.


RECEIVED Consent/Reassignment Form from Defendant Matthew Shepard.


NOTICE REMINDER - All parties are requested to respond within the time frame set forth in the 7 Notice of Presiding Magistrate Assignment, pursuant to General Order 07-001. If you have already consented/objected, please disregard this notice. No judge will be informed of a party's response unless all parties have consented to the assignment of the matter to a U.S. Magistrate Judge. Unless consents from all parties are received within fifteen(15) days, the case will be randomly re-assigned to a U.S. District Judge without further notice.


RECEIVED Consent/Reassignment Form from Plaintiff R. Wayne Klein.


NOTICE - This case is assigned to a magistrate judge. To consent or request reassignment, use the form on this link or use the included form for non-efilers and send it to consents@utd.uscourts.gov within 15 days or mail to the court with Attention: Consent Clerk on the envelope. Notice e-mailed or mailed to Plaintiff R. Wayne Klein, Defendant Matthew Shepard. Form due by 9/5/2019.


ANSWER to Complaint with Jury Demand , COUNTERCLAIM against R. Wayne Klein filed by Matthew Shepard. Attorney Steven R. Paul added to party Matthew Shepard


Exhibit 1 to Counterclaim - Order Cancelling Shares


Exhibit 2 to Counterclaim - Corrected Receivership Order


**RESTRICTED DOCUMENT** SUMMONS Returned Executed by R. Wayne Klein as to Matthew Shepard served on 7/30/2019, answer due 8/20/2019.


NOTICE of Filing of Receiver's Motion to Transfer Related Cases Pursuant to DUCivR 83-2(g) by R. Wayne Klein


**RESTRICTED DOCUMENT** Summons Issued Electronically as to Matthew Shepard.


COMPLAINT against Matthew Shepard (Filing fee $ 400, receipt number 1088-3334221) filed by R. Wayne Klein.


Civil Cover Sheet


Exhibit 1


Case has been indexed and assigned to Magistrate Judge Dustin B. Pead. Plaintiff R. Wayne Klein is directed to E-File the Complaint and cover sheet (found under Complaints and Other Initiating Documents) and pay the filing fee of $ 400.00 by the end of the business day.